2/5/15 GO-TILT is awarded Cosmo.

1/20/15 GO-TILT is awarded HBO Latin America.

12/13/14 GO-TILT is awarded Big Cypress Medical.

11/8/14 GO-TILT is awarded craftsmanship award by the CASF for Concrete on Orion Jet Center.

10/12/14 GO-TILT is awarded Concrete Contractor of the year by the Latin Builders Associaton.

9/27/14 GO-TILT is awarded the Conrad Renovations.

9/27/14 GO-TILT is awarded JLJ warehouse.

9/10/14 GO-TILT is awarded NSU building.

8/20/14 GO-TILT is awarded FMU Wellness Center.

8/15/14 GO-TILT is awarded Graybar Expansion.

7/25/14 GO-TILT is awarded Brown Residence.

6/30/14 GO-TILT is awarded Restaurant X.

6/15/14 GO-TILT is awarded One West Las Olas a 6 story post tension project.

4/30/14 GO-TILT is awarded The Conrad.

3/21/14 GO-TILT is awarded Gateway Plaza.

2/25/14 GO-TILT is awarded Gunther Kia.

1/29/14 GO-TILT is awarded the Royal Caribbean.

1/23/14 GO-TILT is awarded the El Dorado Furniture renovation.

1/20/14 GO-TILT is awarded the Hollywood Recreation Center at the Seminole Reservation.

1/8/14   GO-TILT breaks ground on Target store in Miami.

1/7/14   GO-TILT is awarded the Cleveland Clinic Expansion.

12/5/13 GO-TILT is awarded the Target Store.

11/1/13 GO-TILT is awarded Sea Frolic residences.

10/15/13 GO-TILT is awarded Broward Orthopedics.

9/30/13 GO-TILT wins Tilt Wall Craftsmanship Award for 2013 from Construction Association of South Florida for Ashley Furniture Coconut Creek project. 

9/15/2013 GO-TILT is proud to announce we have been awarded Gunther Volkswagen.

7/22/13 GO-TILT is awarded Helen Miller Center.

6/15/13 GO-TILT is awarded Gulfstream Village Bridge.

5/30/13 GO-TILT is awarded Hillel Day School.

5/27/13 GO-TILT is awarded Apple Core.

5/6/13 GO-TILT is awarded El Dorado Renovations.

5/1/13 GO-TILT is awarded the Gulfstream Village Bridge.

4/24/13 GO-TILT is awarded Flagler Station Building 31.

4/15/13  GO-TILT is awarded Bokampers on Oakland Park.

3/26/13 GO-TILT erects panels on Ashley Furniture WPB.

3/12/13 GO-TILT is awarded Seminole Brighton Safety Complex.

2/18/13 GO-TILT tilts City Furniture Cutler Bay.

2/6/13  GO-TILT is awarded Broward Permforming Arts.

2/4/13  GO-TILT breaks ground on Ashley Furniture WPB .

1/23/13  GO-TILT is awarded the Broward Parking Facility.

1/2/13  GO-TILT breaks ground on City Furniture Cutler Bay.

12/26/12 GO-TILT begins tilting Pan American Phase II.

12/19/12 GO-TILT is awarded the Orion Jet Center.

11/19/12 GO-TILT is awarded the Ashley Furniture West Plam Beach.

11/8/12 GO-TILT wins Tilt Wall Craftmanship Award for 2012 from Construction Association of South Florida for Fort Lauderdale High School project.

11/7/12 GO-TILT is awarded the Literacy Coalition.

11/7/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on Pan American Phase II.

10/2/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on Pompano Air Hangars.

9/22/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on IIT a 190,000 sq ft tilt wall project.

9/10/12 GO-TILT is awarded Fisher Island Tennis center.

8/27/12 GO-TILT is proud to announce we have been awarded Pan American West Building "B" which is 165,000 sq ft tilt wall building.

8/21/12 GO-TILT Begins tilting Sheltair at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

8/13/12 GO-TILT is awarded Fisher Island tennis center.

7/30/12 GO-TILT Begins tilting Broward Health.

7/20/12 GO-TILT is awarded Seminole Casino Renovations.

7/9/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on Ashley Furniture Oakland Park

6/26/12 GO-TILT is proud to announce we have been awarded the IIT project, a 190K sq ft tilt wall project.

6/20/12 GO-TILT is proud to announce we have been awarded the Oakland Park Ashley Furniture.

6/14/12 GO-TILT is proud to announce we have been awarded the Cutler Bay City Furniture tilt wall project.

6/12/12 GO-TILT is awarded Fisher Island Golf Clubhouse.

6/2/12 GO-TILT completes DCT Pan American West a 165,000 sq ft tilt wall builing in 8 weeks from start date.

5/29/12 GO- TILT breaks ground SHELTAIR, a 120,000 sq ft tilt wall hangar building with 200 tilt wall panels.

5/22/12 GO-TILT fishing teams take 1st and 2nd place in CASF annual fishing tournament in Bimini Sands fishing tournament.

5/17/12 GO- TILT breaks ground on Broward Health, a two story tilt wall project.

4/25/12 GO-TILT is proud to announce we have been awarded Hangar 890 and 891at the Miami Interanational Airport.

4/6/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on DCT Pan American West Building "A".

3/26/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on Doral Public Works project with Pirtle Construction,  (2) two story tilt wall buildings.

3/22/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on SOC South Homestead Airforce Base  a 3 story tilt wall building with cast in place shearwalls.

3/19/12 GO-TILT breaks ground on Deerfield Beach Pier renovation project.

3/10/12 GO-TILT completes tilt on Fort Lauderdale High School, (2) three story buildings.

2/27/12 GO-TILT tops out on Hollywood Beach Safety project.